Samonelle / °1994

Samonelle is a Ghent based artist couple. They are a collective featuring visual artist Ellen De Vos and performance artist Sam Heyvaert.

Ellen graduated drawing at LUCA School of arts, Ghent and animation film at KASK School of arts, Ghent. Sam Heyvaert is a comedian and studies Performance art at KASK School of arts.

Samonelle is a meeting of two worlds. Ellen De Vos’ world is a photorealistic immersive illustration of details. The world of Sam Heyvaert is an expressive absurd poetry of nonsense. Together they seek the boundaries of each other's worlds. Their opposing styles seek a balance. That balance is called Samonelle.

Samonelle’s search for balance takes place in an otherwise unhinged world. Working both in the visual arts and in the performing arts there are no boundaries as to the mediums available. The only limit is their mind and body.

Samonelle hopes to bring a smile to your face through their work. Because to make art you must never take yourself too seriously. Then you will find balance in yourself. 


STEM  – Sint-Niklaas, BE

Happy crisis on the beach
KASK school of arts – Ghent, BE

De Nacht
d’Academie – Sint-Niklaas, BE

Wachtmuziek voor weekdieren
Museumtheater – St-Niklaas, BE